Streamline your shipping and receiving operation.

The fresh food supply chain is complex, with many logistical components and fast-paced moving parts – literally! We know it takes a lot of strong management, collaborative expertise and highly efficient record keeping to maintain the flow, which is why our solutions adapt to existing setups with ease and simplicity.

Our clients need to know a lot of things – where their product has come from, where it’s going, and how it’s getting there – and be on top of this data at all times. Our solutions offer real-time information straight to their touchscreen terminals that breaks down everything you need to know. Streamlining the process of getting that info to warehouses, distributors, drivers and destinations. Utilizing our wireless network and barcode technology, we help you manage and monitor transportation effectively and keep up with Government legislation in the most cost-effective ways.

Everything from Inventory management, purchase orders, farm locations and routing are instantly viewable, traceable, and trackable. This helps your staff track inventory levels and movement data and simplify the order and delivery process. Distribution and delivery become slick, fast, and loved by your customers, who receive the right shipments on time.

With our systems in place you’ll save time as well as money, allowing you the focus to lead your business into higher profits, better customer service, and a brighter future.