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We want to help growers establish safer supply chains that provide instant traceability and transparency. Our systems provide the right tools and training to fully digitize and regulate supply chain data, which can hugely benefit productivity, efficiency, and food safety.

At the harvest stage, we provide growers with the capabilities for easy and hassle-free data collection. Our solutions gather specific Harvest Data such as Field, Row, Variety, and Picker Info and store it all in one software system. Then our custom-engineered hardware weighs your product and prints individual barcoded labels for packing cases and shipping, providing all the valuable data to the next stop along the line.

Our integrated systems let you track each physical product from field to belt-line and beyond, with real-time visibility and tracking. Easy to use, cloud-based networks enable our clients to maintain efficient working standards while meeting all their industry regulatory requirements.


  1. Computers – Touchscreen, Portable, Windows, Android

  1. Scanners – Handheld, Fixed-Mount, Rugged, Ultra-Rugged

  1. Weigh Scales – Floor, Platform, Pallet Truck, Drive-On, Pallet

  1. Label Printers – Mobile, Wireless, Handheld

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